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The Enlightened Mind by Stephen Mitchell


This collection of sacred prose is the perfect companion to The Enlightened Heart, Stephen Mitchell’s anthology of sacred poetry, and to his bestselling Tao Te Ching. The Enlightened Mind contains discourses, essays, sermons, and aphorisms from the world’s great religious traditions, many of them in new translations by the editor. It includes texts from the Hindu, Jewish, Buddhist, and Confucian scriptures; Heraclitus and Plato; Chuang-tzu and Jesus; the Tibetan Book of the Dead; the Chinese Zen Masters; the Sufi masters; Meister Eckhart, Dame Julian of Norwich and other Christian teachers; Montaigne and Spinoza; the Hasidic Masters; Native American orators; and modern writers like Blake, Emerson, Rilke, Einstein, Kafka, and Simone Weil.