Store for The Work of Byron Katie

Sculpted Band Ring


The classic bracelet is available in a standard size, made of sterling silver, with "who would you be without your story?" engraved into them.

All rings come as standard size on a chain. The rings and chain are sterling silver. Rings that are carried in the Store for The Work are:

  • Classic band engraved with "loving what is" or "is it true?"
  • Wide band with sculpted writing, "who would you be without your story?"
  • Wide band with a hand-stamped quote on the outside and inside of the band: No decision no fear. • To believe it doesn't make it so. • Let life have you, it does anyway. • I will love you until I don't. • Pray, sooner or later you'll hear you. • Love is the power. • What comes next, never comes. • Argue with reality, lose 100% of the time. • No one can hurt me, that's my job. •  If you compare, you lose. • God is reality, because it rules. • I don't know, is my favorite position.


All jewelry can be customized in sizing, to be done in gold, or include semi-precious stones or diamonds. Rings can be custom ordered in other languages. These can be ordered directly through Matthieu Cheminee—contact Matthieu by email at or at his website,


Samples of the customized jewelry are below:



About Matthieu Cheminee


Born in Paris, Matthieu learned jewelry making at the age of 19, from Navajo, Hopi, and Zuni silversmiths in Taos, New Mexico. After moving to Mali, West Africa, he studied with Touareg and Bambara jewelers for several years.

Finally, he established himself in Montreal where he learned a more classical view of the trade. He sells his jewelry in galleries and shows throughout Canada and the United States, and teacher jewelry making at a professional school.

Giving Back:

Matthieu gives back to West African teachers through work in his teaching collaboration. He films old techniques in Guinea, Mali, Niger, and Burkina Faso, and then creates coursework from those videos. He splits the proceeds of these courses with the African jewelers, leading to formidable changes in the lives of these skillful jewelers.